Patients Reviews

Professional service

Ronald K.
The staff and doctor were all efficient and super friendly.

Bonnie H.
Doctor Yousif and his staff, from my initial contact to completion of treatment, were fantastic! I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. For a person like me, immune-compromised and underlying conditions, contracting COVID was my worst fear. Dr. Yousif and his staff were understanding, compassionate and caring. He, (Dr Yousif), sat with me for 10-15 minutes after starting my IV to ensure my questions and concerns were responded to. His staff followed up to ensure that I was doing well without complications. Great experience. I truly felt like I was in the best place for me!

Dr Ghiath he is a very good doctor And stuff very nice

I really like everything … Great doctor, good experience they were so nice even with my children , also on time …

Iden D.
This was my husband's and my first visit. We were impressed with the fact that we did not have to wait long to be seen by the Dr. Yousif. He was professional and also listened to our concerns, did the necessary blood work and prescribed some tests. We received a prompt response to our blood work the following day. All in all we were pleased with the care we received from the staff and especially Dr. Yousif.

Elise A.
Listened…personable…and well informed.

My experience was absolutely amazing. I am very happy i finally found a doctor who know what his doing and actually cares